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Overture: Exploring Lesser-Known Works

Lately, I have been interested in performing lesser-known music. For me, this is a significant change in my creative activities. I have always been (and still am) an avid performer of the masterpieces that we have come to love and know, but also, I have learned that I am a big proponent for always trying to expand my musical knowledge and comfort zone. As an educator, I must fuel that burning desire to constantly learn, right?

I think this attitude is like being willing to try different types of food. If we always stick to our comfort foods, how would we ever know some of the great things that are out there? Indeed, there will be some exotic cuisines that one will immediately enjoy; whereas, other dishes might need repeated attempts to reach that acquired taste.

For me, I truly enjoy finding music that has fallen off our periphery. There is usually a great story behind it: perhaps the composer had economic, social, or political obstacles that stood in his way? Maybe he was overshadowed by his contemporaries? In any case, I will let you decide whether the works that I introduce to you are worthy for a revival. All I ask is that you give them a chance because they may turn out to be hidden gems!

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