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As an Associate Professor of Piano at Miami University of Oxford, Ohio, Dr. Frank Huang is a devoted teacher who is committed in passing his knowledge and musicianship to his students. His pedagogy consists of exploration/discussion, problem solving, critical analysis, and applying concepts—all of which to achieve his ultimate goal for students: helping them to realize and develop their own creative potential. Below are testimonials and comments about his instruction.

I am convinced that Professor Huang will be known someday as an important teacher, a 'destination' teacher who will attract students to the institution merely by his reputation.

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Bruce Murray 

Former Dean and Artistic Director of Brevard Music Center

Professor of Music, Miami University 

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Dr. Huang is a truly exceptional teacher. He is always concerned for his students' well being and success, and does everything possible in order to improve both of those things. I have learned more about how to approach the piano from Dr. Huang in one year than I have in the rest of my training combined.

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I have worked with several professors as chamber music coaches, and Dr. Huang is undoubtedly the best one I have worked with because he encourages students to delve into the musical aspects of the piece while still addressing technical elements. Working with him really builds a chamber group's collective character and encourages a very high level of performance.

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